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Sérgio Carrilho's Blog on System Center technologies (and more... who knows?)




My name was of course born with me and then System Center came into my life... that's from were the Blog Title comes from.

I've been working as an IT Professional for quite a while and even more with System Center since when I joined Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer still working on the area.

In this Web Blog I aim to provide something to all of you that share with me and many others the passion around this fantastic technologies (and more... who knows?).

Hope it helps somehow to improve your knowledge or to solve more easily any challenges you may have been facing.


Wish you like it and come back later on for another visit.

Many thanks!


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Many of the Blog posts will be also published to The Manageability Guys Blog contributing to our UK Team's Blog.

All the blog posts are provided As Is with No Warranties of any kind either implicit or explicit.