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    Off-topic but quite simply THE cheesiest, sappiest, most saccharine video that I've ever seen, & yet still a nice little eye-opener on the benefits that Office 2007 can bring to a typical small business. As someone who works with figures all day long, I particularly liked the way they highlighted...
  • Blog Post: Here goes nothing

    And so it come to pass that after 7 years, 7 months & nearly 7 days at Microsoft, I've finally got around to publishing a blog. What follows will be my own thoughts, perceptions, comments & updates on all manner of things connected to the Microsoft SBS and Windows Essential Business Server...
  • Blog Post: Online poll on the Small Business site

    In an effort to better understand the needs & challenges of customers, we're kicking off a series of online polls on the Microsoft Australia Small Business site - this week its all around security. Check it out here. Feel free to fill it in yourself or forward to your clients so that we can get a...
  • Blog Post: Is your business in the know?

    Heads-up from our SMB team about our continuing customer profiling activities. I really feel these activities will result in more business for all & so am keen to hear your feedback / questions. Cheers, Robbie   Recently, we told you about our program to profile our customers so we can tailor...
  • Blog Post: Ask me why Business Contact Manager could be the right fit for your customers.

    Microsoft Outlook with Business Contact Manager is an often overlooked solution for small businesses - but it really could work well for your customers. Some great resources uncovered by my UK colleague & SBS super-guru, David Overton: