My Server Windows App for Windows Server 2012 Essentials

My Server Windows App for Windows Server 2012 Essentials

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Hi, my name is Clinton Ho, lead program manager on the Windows Server Essentials team. I’m proud to announce the availability of the My Server Windows app, available as a free download in the Windows Store.

Similar to the My Server Windows Phone app, My Server Windows app is designed to help keep you seamlessly connected to your server resources on devices running Windows 8 and Windows RT. With My Server, you can manage users, devices, and alerts, and access shared files on Windows Server 2012 Essentials.  In addition, the files that you have recently accessed with My Server will continue to be available to you even when you are offline.


Sound cool? Then head on over to the Windows Store, search for My Server, and install the app! Don’t forget to let us know what you think by rating it or writing a review.

Here are some more things you can do with the My Server app:

  • Browse, edit and search for files stored on your server
  • Copy files from your local computer to the server, or save files from the server to your computer
  • Access files from your server that were opened recently—even without an Internet connection; the changes made offline will automatically be synchronized to the server when you are back online
  • Transparently search for documents located on both your local device and your server’s shared folders
  • Play back media files stored on the server
  • If you are an administrator, you can also:
    • Manage users, devices, and alerts
    • Reset user passwords




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  • Hi !

    I have a question on Windows Essentials 2012 . Is there any way I can auto shut down a server at a pre defined time ? My Team has been searching for a Solution for this without any success.  I have a backup policy implemented as per which the backup gets done by 8 PM everyday. So I want auto shut down to happen at 11 pm every night

  • Suresh, just add a Scheduled task each night at 11pm with the following

    shutdown -s -f

  • The My Server app cannot locate my server. I have tried using wifi (within the lan), and 3G (from outside the lan). I have installed Remote Access and the dashboard is showing operations all with green ticks. Is there some help with getting my wp7.5 phone to find the server? ps the phone can browse to my server's IIS8 default web page.

  • Jeff post in the Essentials forum please

  • So, why would I want to use this Metro themed app when I could just use SSH and powershell?

  • @Chochki - well, obviously someone with your mad skilz wouldn't want to - but I'm sure there are plenty of other, inferior humans who will welcome an easy to use and graphical tool for common lightweight administrative tasks.  It looks like a good *option* and congratulations to the team for releasing it - I look forward to testing it out.

  • Is there a direct support page for this app? I have looked in the forums and found nothing. The app work fine to connect and administer my server from my Lumia 800 but when I try to use the app on my Surface RT it can't find the server.

  • +1 to what Agent28628 said.  Where is the support? "Server name or remote security certificate is not valid."

  • @ Agent28628 & rcope :  It's hard to diagnose in the dark, but please ensure that you did not append "https://" before the server name.  We had several folks who reported the same error and it was because of that.  If that still doesn't work, then there's a real connection issue.  Please try connecting outside of the LAN to see whether there's any difference.

  • hello i install window server 2012 when installing complete he ask me to create a new password.when i enter he fail.plz help me....

  • This connects but keeps dropping the connection to the server. Also, the metro tiles get all messed up and overlap .. what gives?

  • Well..... I am at the "download" page for the app and there is no link for downloading. Has the app been removed?

  • Thank you.

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