Windows Server 2012 Essentials Releases to Manufacturing

Windows Server 2012 Essentials Releases to Manufacturing

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Today, Windows Server 2012 Essentials has reached the release to manufacturing (RTM) milestone. The product is being delivered to our hardware and ecosystem partners, and it will be generally available in all channels on November 1, with OEM partners shipping server systems by the end of the year.

For detail information visit the following link.

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  • Bring back SBS, please.

    None of our customers is interested in a system without Exchange.

  • Is it possible to configure Access Anywhere without having to turn on Upnp on your router?

  • Killing SBS is going to make SBS2008 the next XP.... live long and prosper!!!

  • Exchange is the best mail system on the planet. SBS is the core of my business. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?

  • I just bought Windows Server 2011 Essentials for my business (4 employees) in July.  Anyone know if there will be an upgrade option to 2012?

  • I have a total customer base of 3000 + users all on SBS Standard Products with Exchange. We will not be using Essentials. Cloud is rubibsh and just another glossy word for "outsourcing". Its a fad and a fashion it will not last.

    The sooner Microsoft stops trying to be Apple the better.

    Again, we have a another manager somewhere in Microsoft that has made a dictative decision and hs no idea what our customers want. I am talking about the customers that talk to us reseelers and trust us more than Microsoft.

  • Does this imply there is not going to be a SBS2012 standard product, Like SBS 2011 Standard?

    If so then...

    No Exchange = No SBS 2012 installs

  • I have been using cloud based exchange for 3 years and it is perfect. No more calls at 1am because the email is down and I do not have to manage BES either as Microsoft do that for meas well. The interface gives me the same control as SBS. Cloud is not a fad and is the way of the future. I say to the negative people in this either adopt or die.

  • Some SMB's want Exchange, others use web-based email, such as Yahoo or Hotmail or Gmail, or a freeware POP server.  Since Office 365 is cloud based and includes email, I guess MS decided to make Exchange a separate offering from 2012 Essentials.

  • So is the real problem the price, or is it that Exchange cannot be installed successfully on 2012 Essentials?  So, let's say the price of SBS was $ 20,000 with 25 user licenses.  Let's say Exchange with 25 user licenses is $ 10,000.  So what should the price of 2012 Essentials without Exchange licenses be?  Should there be two versions of 2012 Essentials, one without Exchange licenses, and another including Exchange licenses?  And what about customers who need SQL server, and others who don't?  Now should there be 3 versions?  Some of these posts are ridiculous.

  • I agree with a lot of the others. No Exchange - no SBS for my clients. The "cloud" is really fog and bull. I can cloud just as easily on a Linux box if that is what Microsoft want.

  • @ 6.00 per head per head per month for a 25 GIG exchange mail box why would any one install there own exchange server.  

  • For home use Server 2012 Essentials is great.

    But for business you have to be kidding and trying to force customers into using your 365 office service?

    Well its just not going to work.

    I wonder if MS does take note of any of these comments...

  • Where is exchange? Looks like we need to start deploying Linux mail servers again.

  • You kidding a sbs without Exchange????