Windows Server 2012 Essentials Releases to Manufacturing

Windows Server 2012 Essentials Releases to Manufacturing

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Today, Windows Server 2012 Essentials has reached the release to manufacturing (RTM) milestone. The product is being delivered to our hardware and ecosystem partners, and it will be generally available in all channels on November 1, with OEM partners shipping server systems by the end of the year.

For detail information visit the following link.

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  • No, there is no more 'SBS' product.

    It was announce sometime in July i beleive, that SBS 2011 Standard would be the last version.

    SBS 2011 Essentials, will go forward, re-branded and refreshed onto Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

    It will not include Exchange, but it has the ability to integrate with an On Premesis Exchange Server, should you chose to deploy one.

    Essentials will be a difficult purchase for home users due to the price tag (IMO)

    Essentials also has some interesting new features that you should look into, DirectAccess is now part of the OS and will work with a Single NIC. There is also the TransMog feature, that allows you to upgrade to Full Server Standard, whilst keeping the Essentials features like Client Backup and RWA, media streaming is lost when you transmog. Also, you should not enable the HyperV role when you transmog. If you want to use Virtual Machines, then install your Essentials as a HyperV Guest.

  • Previous versions of the Server "Essentials" product did NOT inlude Exchange Server either. Pay attention people.

    If you need Exchange for SMB/SME, then get SBS Server 2011 it does have exchange server.

    Or , wait another 9-12months for the 2012 SBS Edition....(possibly)

  • I also have only customers with SBS servers. My clients also do not want to put there mail in the cloud because of there data is then out of the national border. This is not a good step from MS! hope they will look in to it again and create SBS 2013 :-)

  • Folks, if you are now just finding this out... with all due respect I think you need to get a bit more plugged into a SMB technology community.

    May I recommend signing up for or something where you can interact and share with peers?

  • Also for my customers. No Exchange, no SBS2012. None of our customers want their business in the cloud, which I can understand. So we'll try to keep up and running the current versions till the year 20??

  • Good Bye Microsoft!

    Welcome Linux!!

  • While Windows Server 2012 Essentials does not include Exchange, there is integration built into Essentials which makes managing Exchange running on a 2nd server or VM very simple.  For an overview of this functionality, please see  Thanks.

  • With our small business customers we haven't used SBS since the 2003 version. Exchange is an enterprise level product that has been pushed down to SMB level. We use Svr Std and Kerio Connect. As a mail platform in the SMB space it runs rings around Exchange. It includes built in backup, easy mailbox level recovery, webmail, superior phone integration, universal web based management console, supports calendar sharing in Outlook and it runs on virtually any windows platform as well as Apple and Linux. On top of that is is considerably cheaper to buy than exchange and due to robustness has a lower TCO. You should do your SMB clients a favour and check it out.

  • What are the file size/resolution limitations of the Media Streaming in Server 2012 Essentials. XBox 360 posts a chart on media types/bitrate limitations, is there such a thing for Essentials. I have media files that aren't showing up in the list for streaming.

  • Will there also be a cheap update pack for us Windows Home Server 2011 guys?

  • To Insignificate - no, the $400ish price tag is it.

  • @ 6.00 per head per head per month for a 25 GIG exchange mail box why would any one install there own exchange server.  

    Yeah except if you need customizable Spam filtering you need to pay 8.

    Also If I don't want to be in a cloud?

    Also I don't want my data to cross international borders especially USA (DMCA Patriot Act)

    Why not just do google apps and get Office+Email+Storage for $5/user?

  • Not one customer of our company is interested in this

    SBS needs Exchange.

  • No Exchange = No SBS 2012 installs

    another bad MS decision

  • Quote - "it will be generally available in all channels on November 1" ..... it is now November 29th and Server 2012 Essentials is still nowhere to be seen on the market, so I think whoever sourced the so call facts on this blog got it wrong in a big way !!!