Download the beta release of Windows Server 2012 Essentials today!

Download the beta release of Windows Server 2012 Essentials today!

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Hi, I'm Joe Nalewabau, Group Program Manager on the Windows Server Essentials team, and today I'm excited to introduce the beta for Windows Server 2012 Essentials (Essentials 2012).

We announced the beta on the Windows Server blog and in that post I explained some of the engineering principles we used when planning the product.

Over the next few weeks we will use this blog to drill into specific areas of Essentials 2012. There is a lot to explore and we look forward to getting your feedback.

We have a list of blog posts being worked on but if there are specific areas you would like us to address please leave a comment and we'll use this to help prioritize posts.

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  • Maybe it's just me but I had a few issues downloading the beta from the download site above.  It was failing between the 2GB and 3GB mark and I tried a few times.  Maybe the site is just under heavy load.  I have a 50Mbps fiber Internet connection that is very reliable so I don't think the issue was on my end.  The download seemed to reset before finishing.  Anyway, it is also posted to the TechNet subscriber download center so I grabbed it from there without any issue.  The TechNet download center uses a download manager to resume paused or failed downloads and I had much better luck with that over the IE 9 and IE 10 RC download resume.

  • Without Exchange it's worthless.  I can't say that's a beta I care anything about.

  • hmmm not now !  not ever !

  • That's it with Microsoft's server solutions for small business.

    No one of our customers can afford a full server+exchange license - besides the hassle with configuring a full exchange server + wsus so a local admin would have a chance to administrate it decently.

    Renting it as a cloud-service is impossible in many places where connectivity is poor - such us in our case.

    Sad but true, but maybe you've become too big to understand the needs of small businesses.

  • Doing away with SBS 2012 Standard is a huge mistake.  Did I say huge mistake? I should have said a catastrophic mistake!!!  All of my customers are on some form of SBS Server Standard with Exchange integration on site with heavy Public folder use, so Exchange in the cloud will not work for them and with the economy at a standstill the thought of installing additional hardware, buying Exchange and licensing requirements for the additional server is a very hard sale. With no upgrade path for Small Business Server Standard Microsoft appears to be trying very head to kill small business growth and the IT companies that service businesses using Small Business Server with Exchange on site. Removing the Start Button and making Windows much harder to use I can handle but doing away with Small Business Server Standard with Exchange integration is totally unacceptable for me and my customers.

  • Sorry ... I usually test the software  before I sell it (also beta) but not in this case ... still a little bit numb with the decision to cancel SBS with Exchange. I have my customers now switched to windows phone 7 + Echange and they are very happy with their inhouse server solution. SBS RIP.

  • SBS without Exchange and SharePoint will not fly with any small business I know. Just like people avoided Vista and stuck with XP Pro, my guess is, small businesses will stick with SBS 2011 Standard for a very long time. None of my clients has upgraded to Windows 7, talk less of SBS 2012. Emasculating SBS and calling it improved is moral and enthusiasm killer. Most small businesses I spoke with don’t give a hoot about “the cloud”.  SBS Standard works, why mess with it? Reminds me of the Coke Classic imbroglio… Microsoft it is not too late.

  • What Microsoft needs to do is add ad-on packs for the SBS 2012 product. These could be Exchange, SQL, SharePoint or even RDS. It is not the fact that SBS is going to be dead, but our customers are not willing to pay for a full blown Exchange license to marry to a SBS Essentials solution. If there were Premium Add on's (I use that term from the SBS 2011 product) that were priced lower to be only run with SBS Esentials, then Microsoft has a product customers will buy. Our other issue is a lot of our customers are not adopting the Cloud, for various reasons like bandwidth. An on premises solution is the right solution in these cases. Microsoft, we hear you loud and clear, but listen to your partners and provide a well thought out solution for the SMB business's that exist throughout the world.

  • It's a very stupid tentative to force people to use the cloud version of exchange with all the relative problems. The microsoft view? use cloud services. don't want this? no problem: you must buy another server and a full license of exchange. yeah, it's the real concept of "Smll Business". my answer? i'll move to KERIO CONNECT!!!!

  • i am keen to leaarn this server ..

    please send me a details copy on my e-mail

    i am looking forward you ....