Creating Outlook Rules for a Secondary Email Address

Creating Outlook Rules for a Secondary Email Address

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[Today's post comes to us courtesy of Justin Crosby from Commercial Technical Support]

A couple weeks we published an article on how to add an additional email address to an O365 account. When you receive email for a user with multiple email addresses, the To line will always display the primary email. For Example, let’s say you have a user named Don and his email is He also has a secondary email address of When Don looks at his email in Outlook, mail sent to will appear to have been sent to

In some cases people want to know exactly what address an email was sent to. You could always look at the headers, but this is cumbersome. A better way to handle this is to create an Outlook rule.

To do this in Outlook 2010:

  1. From the Home tab click Rules > Create Rule…
  2. Click the Advanced Options… button.
  3. Check the with specific words in the message header checkbox.
  4. Click specific rules link and the secondary email you wish this rule to apply to. In this example I entered
  5. Click Ok and then Next.
  6. From here you can decided what you want to do to the message. Common options would be to move it to a folder or to assign it a category. You can even apply multiple actions. In this example I am just going to move the message to a folder I created named Sales.
  7. Click Finish.

Now when you receive email sent to the secondary address(es) this rule will run and apply your custom action to it.

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  • Hi, Why not use Conditional formatting.  i.e. View - View Settings - Conditional Formatting - Add.  this gives the options to highlight (font size/colour) to show emails have been sent to the secondary email address.  This removes the need to Rules and highlight the emails while in the single Inbox view. - Craig.

  • Amazing stuff, very well done guys it works!

    Could you also please find out how to get "Send as" working so you can send using this secondary email address as well?

  • You just change the Exchange rights and give Send as rights.  Then you go into Outlook and expose the additional 'from' line inside of Outlook and just send as the other person.  Google or bing Send As and it's easy to set.

  • Hi - very useful - thanks for sharing! I wish you a long and happy life and much good luck.