Loss of Internet Connectivity After Installing 951748 and 951746

Loss of Internet Connectivity After Installing 951748 and 951746

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We have received reports of customers loosing Internet connectivity after installing MS08-037 (951748 and 951746).  This issue can occur on both the server and the clients.  This issue may occur when customers are running ZoneAlarm or Check Point Endpoint Security (previously named Check Point Integrity).  Our investigation so far has shown that no other customers are affected by this issue.

If you are encountering this issue please review the following:

Watch the post for updates as we uncover more information.

Update: Please see the following post with newly discovered information that could affect your SBS servers


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  • The Official SBS Blog : Loss of Internet Connectivity After Installing 951748 and 951746: http://blogs

  • I dont have ZA or Check Point Endpoint Security installed but still have to uninstall KB951748.

    I suspect NOD32 2.7

  • I don't have ZA or any other third party software firewall.  Upon installing the two updates I lost DNS.  I had to uninstall the two updates to get it working again.  I manage about 20 SBS 2003 servers.  I would like to know when I can install these updates.  Does anyone know?

  • I also ran into this and had to remove the updates to get ipsec to run. The effected server had neither zone alarm or checkpoint installed. Any word on when the updates will be updated?

  • Brought down connectivity--couldn't even ping by IP after installing 951746 on the DNS server. Seemed ok after rolling it back. Does anyone know of any fix for this problem yet or whats causing these issues? No ZA or EndPoint Security. There is Symantec Antivirus 10.

  • We had this problem with someone running Symantec Endpoint Security.  We had to uninstall KNB951748, KB951746, and KB950159.  Does anyone know if there's an update to the update?

  • Also internet connection problems after installing the update. No firewall on the DNS server but a ISA 2004 server and Zyxel router between internal DNS and DNS server ISP.

    After installing the updates the DNS server generate a lot of UDP traffic to the ISP DNS server.

  • If you have been seeing any of the two issues below with your SBS 2003, then please follow the link to

  • After installing this update on domain controllers, Apple MAC 10.4 and 10.5 clients are having issues logging onto/binding to the domain.  ANy word on if this is affecting Apple clients talking to Active Directory or anything?

  • After installing KB951748 on our domain controllers, Apple OS X 10.5 client machines are having difficulties logging in/binding to the domain.

  • We are running Filezilla server on Win XP Pro, and have been getting continual '425 Cannot open data connection' messages when a 'List' command is sent from the client.  AllTel customer support says they have been 'inundated' with calls, and they pointed us to KB951746.  Uninstalling it seems to be working.

  • Found a client's SBS2003 R2 environment was suffering with network traffic moving in 'bursts' after 951748 was installed via WSUS. Identified over 2700 UDP sessions active to localhost on on Server running under DNS.EXE (compared to 6 or 7 UDP sessions on other non-patched servers I looked at). Reverted DNS back from 5.2.3790.4318 to 5.2.3790.4171 (uninstalled just 951748 from Server and left 951746 on all systems). Will have to wait for client's staff to show up for work tomorrow to know if the problem has gone away, and if not will also uninstall 951746. I will post a followup here when I know more.

    System is fully patched other than this issue. Only other applications outside basic SBS2003 R2 standard on this system are:

    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and Client (v11.0.2010.25)

    Symantec Information Foundation for Exchange (v6.0.6.235)

    3Ware 3DM 2 version

    SuperMicro SuperoDoctor III client v1.25

  • [Today's post comes to us courtesy of John Bay, Damian Leibaschoff, Justin Crosby and Chris Puckett]

  • Direct copy from the SBS Blogpost here . One important comment to note is that the MaxUserPort registry

  • .. ok guys i have been having this prob as well .. i will follow the blogs and un-istall these updates.

    we have a network using SBS 2003 sp1 .. with clients running vista and xp sp2.. both clients have been affected.

    We also employ

    Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager and Client (v11.0.2010.25)

    A temp fix was done by assigning each of the affected users a static IP address.

    I will uninstall the updates and post the results.

    Thanks once again guys.