Announcement: Call-back support for Small Business Server Products

Announcement: Call-back support for Small Business Server Products

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On August 1, 2008 the Small Business Server support business at Microsoft will implement a call-back model for all Professional SBS support incidents in the United States. Below is a description of how to contact Microsoft customer service.

Why are we moving to a call-back model?

1. To eliminate your hold time on the telephone

2. To collect the problem description and route the incident to the correct engineer

3. To prepare you for online incident submission @

How to initiate "call-back" support with Microsoft?

Submit incident online @

Don’t wait on the phone! Submit a support request online.

Use our quick and easy online form to submit your support request to the best-qualified support professional. Then, receive a support call at your specified phone number.

Availability: Business hours (Pacific Time)
Monday – Friday -- 6:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.


Business hours $259.00

After Business hours: Not available as of July 2008 (working toward availability at this time)

Response Time: Based on severity

Online support incidents can be submitted at any time. Callback availability via online submission is limited to normal business hours at this time.

Or submit incident by telephone @ (800) 936-4900 – an engineer will call you back

Submit a support request by phone. Phone times will vary.

Availability: 24x7


Business hours: $259.00

After Business hours: $515.00 (

Response Time: Based on severity

Phone support incidents can be opened at any time; the after-hours rate applies if you need to talk to a support professional outside of normal business hours listed above.

Professional Service Level Agreements are currently being finalized for (1) business hours and (2) after business hours, we will update this Blog post with that information as it comes available.

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  • The Official SBS Blog : Announcement: Call-back support for Small Business Server Products: http://blogs

  • I have to say it sounds like a good idea. What is also amazing it the price difference between Europe and the US for support calls. At todays conversion rate the difference is incredible. Nearly twice as expensive from Europe.



  • This sucks.

    What option do we have if we're in a basement server room with no cell phone signal and no way to route incoming calls to the company down to us? It happens very often.

  • You could use SIP phone in the basement?

  • Are we to assume this excludes business down?

    Does MS really believe that the hours of operation of a small business are different from a midsize business or in most cases an enterprise?

  • Does this mean that "Server Down" support calls will no longer be free?

    I'm sure Microsoft will still cover a call related to a defect in software, but 99.999999999999999% of the time it's the configuration and not the code that causes problems.


  • Callback really sucks in a lot of situations. The problem Michael touches on, plus if I am calling then I want to work on the problem now and not when it is convenient for some tech to call me back. If someone calls with a CritSit will they be given a live transfer?

  • Microsoft response update:

    Due to the volume of comments we have received on this topic, please allow us time to address them in a summary post later in the week.

    Thank you!

  • Microsoft response to Q&A in comment section ( Link to original post ) Community Question: Are we

  • The list is a little longer today because of not posting last week. Enjoy! Microsoft Advanced Windows

  • There has been a recent discussion in one of the mailing lists about Microsoft's new callback support

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