Vista and Office 2007 on SBS Networks

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We'll be updating the FAQ soon, but we wanted to address a few questions that have come up lately regarding support of Vista Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2 on SBS networks.  The usual caveats about running beta software in production apply, of course.  The goal here is to document things that we know do not currently work.  Here goes:


Q: Can I use Windows Vista Beta 2 as a client on my Windows SBS 2003 network?

A: Yes. However, there are currently known issues with using the Connect Computer wizard to connect a Vista client to an SBS 2003 network. We are working with the Vista Team to address these issues. You can use Vista’s Network Identification Wizard to manually join your Vista Beta 2 client to an SBS 2003 network. If you decide to join a Vista client to your network, please remember that Vista is still in the beta stage of development and that you use it at your own risk.


Q: Can I use Office 2007 beta 2 on my Windows SBS 2003 network?

A:  Yes. However, Windows SBS 2003 tools will not deploy Office 2007 to client desktops. You must manually install and configure Office 2007 on your clients. In addition, the Office 2007 Server components (WSS 3.0, Groove, etc.) have not been tested on SBS 2003 and should not be deployed on any production servers. If you decide to run Office 2007 beta 2 on your network, please remember that Office 2007 is still in the beta stage of development and that you use it at your own risk.


Q: If I find bugs with Windows Vista or Office 2007 and Windows SBS 2003, what should I do?

A: Please report any bugs you find to the appropriate beta product’s team.

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  • So you loaded up Vista and you want to try it on a SBS network... so while you 'can' ... I'd read the...

  • I joined several Vista Notebooks to a SBS network and here are my findings.

    1. To use the network configuration wizard open internet explorer with the right mouse button and choose "run as administrator" As with standard XP machines make sure to turn off any other network cards and just leave one.
      When the computer reboots it will be by default trying to use the credentials for __sbs_netsetup__. It wont go further unless you choose another user and boot as your user. At this point I am not sure if anything is missing from the install script but it worked and the computer is now joined to the domain.

    2. Dont use Proxy client. It doesnt work. Just configure your internet explorer manually for your proxy.

    3. Only use recomended antivirus. At this time only CA was able to work for me. Even with the published patch I was not able to run Symantec.

    4. Dont install XP drivers unless completly necesary. Most of your hardware should be recognized. Some drivers for XP damage your vista installation.

    5. Upgrade WSUS if you have it on your SBS to SP1 as without it you wont be able to download updates.

    My only issues were involving network printing so make sure you test this one one machine first.

    Hope this helps and definetly would like to hear more comments from other people.

  • Some things I found that may or may not be related:  I run Vista in a VM through Virtual Server.  

    1) Remote admin policies aren't applied against Vista clients.  This is probably because a WMI filter is applied to differentiate between pre-SP2 XP clients and XP SP2 clients;  since Vista is neither, policies aren't applied.  

    2) Computer Management snapin doesn't work against a Vista client.