The Sara Chana Chronicles

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The Sara Chana Chronicles

  • That Elusive Social Culture

    As someone who runs a large number of global communities, I'm acutely aware that people are the platform . Many of us delight in the technologies and the services that enable social connections, but less of us stop and consider that without people...
  • Accidental Architect–I Think Not!

    ​  I often hear people in our industry describe themselves as "accidental architects". I sometimes look at my past career similarly, but at some point we need to step out of lethargy and deconstruct our journeys without falling into the...
  • The Biggest Cloud You Never Thought Of… Patching & Updates!

    As a reasonably accomplished technical person it started to bother me this past weekend that I’m just too accepting of the plethora of updates heading my way across the numerous devices I own. In particular what struck me is that I’m so weary...
  • Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac is cool!

    I’ve dabbled with many phones in the past, but mostly in all this time I’ve begrudgingly kept on with my Windows Mobile phones in the hope they would get better. Well they just did. I’m thoroughly enjoying the new user interface and...
  • Think Like A Criminal (Part 2 of Keeping Children Safe on the Internet)

    I used to think all Internet-based crimes came about as a result of the criminals present on the Internet but I now realize that is a naïve perspective on the problem. Even in the Bible we find murder, rape, brutality and deception. It is actually...
  • Keeping Children Safe on the Internet (Part 1)

    I’m not the foremost expert on this subject, but I am a parent and think about these matters a lot. Even in the technical world I operate in I often find parents know this kind of stuff but rarely do they secure their home environments as much as...

    Last week I migrated my MCA: Infrastructure certification to IASA CITA-P (International Association of Software Archirects Board Certified Architect Professional), whilst visiting Seattle to speak at the Microsoft TechReady 10 conference for internal...
  • Practical Architecture at TechEd Online

    Franco Rother, a Solution Specialist at Microsoft, and I discuss practical architecture in a video recording for Microsoft TechEd Africa 2009. Click here to view
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Architecture (Part 1)

    I find the concept of patterns (predictable, recurring events) in architecture quite intriguing, but also one the most difficult elements of architecture to sustain when we add external pressures that I spoke about in terms of ‘anti-patterns’ in my presentation. It’s quite ridiculous really. Architecture is usually developed by Architects who all have different background, are intuitive and forward thinking in nature, and whose roles, to which the title refers, are different depending on the IT organization within which they find themselves. Abstract thinking and architectural vision is not usually valued as highly in organizations as technical detail skills may be. The reason is usually because technical detail people usually create something tangible, and often this is perceived to be from nothing. While they may pull the proverbial rabbit from the hat, we often forget who defined the hat… and the rabbit.
  • Making Audio a Podcast on the Zune

    First of all, I have to say I’m back! Hopefully my future posts will be a lot more technical than this one. News: The beta of Hyper-V Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager has been made available. Send email to MPCC (click the link) to...
  • Deep Zoom Composer Technology Preview early experiences

    Deep zoom composer helps mere mortals take advantage of the deep zoom capabilities in SilverLight 2. Obviously it has more detailed users for developers taking advantage of SilverLight 2, but it's fun for the average user too. In testing the product I build a really simple deep zoom with two high resolution photos and the posted them to the Microsoft Windows Live PhotoZoom site. You could save them as SilverLight files if you wished to, but in this case I've chosen to publish them online and the link to them off a web page.
  • The MCA Board Review Unravelled

    In compiling my experiences on the board both in reviewing and interviewing candidates and deliberating their certification outcomes, the experiences I gained from achieving the certification myself and the lessons learned from George’s presentation, I thought it would be wise and useful to publish some additional material regarding certification from architects wishing to attain the certification.
  • The Mystery of Hyper-V's Limit Processor Functionality? (Part 3 - Officially)

    I found out a bit more from the product group. It seems some legacy operating systems, like Windows NT 4.0, bugcheck if they perform a CPUID and have more than three leafs returned. The checkbox is there to allow us to try and get them working. So I was...
  • The Mystery of Hyper-V's Limit Processor Functionality? (Part 2 - Final)

    In this post I discuss how you can determine: 1. If your operating system is running on a hypervisor, 2. The processor feature differences presented for an operating system running directly on hardware versus a parent partition operating system on a hypervisor, 3. The processor feature differences presented for a child partition operating system running without LPF set versus one that does.
  • The Mystery of Hyper-V's Limit Processor Functionality? (Part 1)

    Recently I became rather intrigued with Hyper-V's Limit Processor Functionality (LPF) function. One little checkbox became such an obsession that I start wasting hours of my time trying to find out exactly what it does. The dialogue says, "Limit processor...
  • Microsoft Certified Architect Certification Process

    The certification is tough to get, but that's also part of its attraction. You cannot just learn some technology super well and get it. You need to have so much experience and faced many different situations to be able to achieve it. To me it's a breath of fresh air in an industry that is saturated with exams and boot camps pumping out inexperienced people.
  • Practical Best Practices for Infrastructure Projects

    In this entry I'll discuss some of the main areas of concern I encounter in trying to enable my customers to operate projects more effectively. I'm focusing on the practical issues I encounter, rather than rehashing project management disciplines and methodologies. While those are important there are better places to read about them than on this blog.