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    As someone who runs a large number of global communities, I'm acutely aware that people are the platform . Many of us delight in the technologies and the services that enable social connections, but less of us stop and consider that without people none of these actually matter much. All the technologies...
  • Blog Post: Keeping Children Safe on the Internet (Part 1)

    I’m not the foremost expert on this subject, but I am a parent and think about these matters a lot. Even in the technical world I operate in I often find parents know this kind of stuff but rarely do they secure their home environments as much as they do their work environments. Although the Internet...
  • Blog Post: Think Like A Criminal (Part 2 of Keeping Children Safe on the Internet)

    I used to think all Internet-based crimes came about as a result of the criminals present on the Internet but I now realize that is a naïve perspective on the problem. Even in the Bible we find murder, rape, brutality and deception. It is actually full of sinful acts and as such I think it should...