Last week I migrated my MCA: Infrastructure certification to IASA CITA-P (International Association of Software Archirects Board Certified Architect Professional), whilst visiting Seattle to speak at the Microsoft TechReady 10 conference for internal technical staff working at Microsoft from around the world.

As many MCA Infrastructure and Solutions certified people will know these certifications are scheduled for retirement at the end of December 2010.

I had to undergo a board review process and complete the necessary documentation to do so, but I'm really glad I did. It's neat to have been reviewed by top IT architects from around the world (both from Microsoft and from other companies) and to have a vendor agnostic certification is really useful.

To read more about the International Association of Software Architects and their various certifications, visit Some colleagues and I are working to establish a local chapter in South Africa. More on that as soon as I have anything to share.

I will post more details about my TechReady presentation in the coming week... I need to remove the confidential stuff and just share the key elements I think are worth talking about.