Designing @ Microsoft

  • Origin of Dr. Watson

    Just read a post of Matt Pietrek referrring to the origin of Dr. Watson . Check it out at OldNewThings
  • Evolution of a C# Query

    Just reading through the blogs referring to PDC '05. I dont have a chance to be there ;-) Got a beautiful link to Evolution of a C# Query—Step by step from C# 1.1 to LINQ by Jomo Fisher .
  • PC Design competition

    Wanna see something innovative at UR desk. Vote at Sponsered by Microsoft
  • IDC at Channel 9

    Video coverage of Hyderabad campus is available at channel9 . I didn't have a look at it but it must be showing something good from IDC. Also others video from India at Channel 9 . Microsoft India is hiring as I can see in this video. HR also tells about...