Just taking Richard Schwendiman’s awesome Mail Flow schema and put the corresponding Receive Connectors as we “see” them from either Exchange Management Shell (in the Green Boxes, results of Get-ReceiveConnector for Get-ReceiveConnector -Server e2013 | fl name,bindings,transportrole,permissiongroups,authmechanism) or Exchange management console (focusing on the “Security” section of the EMC)



In your servers, for the connectors names in both EMS and EMC, you’ll see “Default <YourServerName>”, “Client FrontEnd <YourServerName>”, etc… instead of “Default E2013” , “Client FrontEnd E2013”, etc….



Exchange 2013 - Mail flow demystified - Get-ReceiveConnectors   EMC shots


Full-resolution picture:




  • An Exchange 2013 Lab with default installation