Windows (Desktop et Serveur):

Exclusions - Recommandations de configuration des antivirus pour les ordinateurs d'entreprise en fonction de la version de Windows


Windows>FRS :

Compatibilité - Antivirus, backup, and disk optimization programs that are compatible with the File Replication Service



IIS 6.0: Antivirus Scanning of IIS Compression Directory May Result in 0-Byte File
Antivirus software may cause IIS to stop unexpectedly



Guidelines for choosing antivirus software to run on the computers that are running SQL Server


Exchange :

Exchange and antivirus software
Overview of Exchange Server 2003 and antivirus software
Recommendations for troubleshooting an Exchange Server computer with antivirus software installed


Spécial Cluster :

Antivirus Software May Cause Problems with Cluster Services


SharePoint :

Random Errors May Occur When Antivirus Software Scans Microsoft Web Storage System
Microsoft's Position on Antivirus Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server



Antivirus programs may contribute to file backlogs in SMS 2.0 and in SMS 2003



Event ID 5, event ID 14079, and event ID 14176 are logged in the Application log on your Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 computer



Multiple symptoms occur if an antivirus scan occurs while the file is copied