The Live Meeting Online Service provides the ability to perform Web Conferencing and provides Audio/Video Services.  If you are using Outlook, 2003 or 2007, you can install the Live Meeting Add-Ins, which allow you to schedule/create Live Meeting Conferences from your Outlook client.

When you first install the Microsoft Online Sign In Client and configure the application, the users Online account information is written to the local machine's registery, which is referenced by the Outlook 2007 Add-In.  Because of this, user's wanting to use the Live Meeting Outlook Add-In do not need to configure other than to perform a Test Connection.

Note:  Before you can use the Live Meeting Outlook Add-In to schedule meetings, you must first click the Live Meeting icon in the Microsoft Online Sign In Client and connect to your company's Online Conference Center.  This process creates your Live Meeting Online user account, which is required to connect to the Conference Center.  Once you perform this operation, you can then use the Live Meeting Outlook Add-In to schedule meetings.

Live Meeting Add-In Configuration

Clicking User Accounts takes you to the Live Meeting - Outlook Add-In, where you can define user account names and passwords.

Note:  If you have the Microsoft Online Sign In Client installed, be sure and sign into the client, which will place your Online credentials into the local machine's Credential Manager.  Once logged in, when you click Test Connection within the LM - Outlook Add-In, you will not be prompted for credentials as your Online credentials will be passed from  CredMan.  If you are NOT signed into the Sign In Client, you will need to input your Online user account and password, so when the Test Connection is performed, the appropriate user credentials are used to connect to the Conference Center:


Live Meeting - Outlook 2007 Add-In

Once you have the Add-In installed, you must click Test Connection once to establish a connection between the client and Live Meeting Online Service.  Once you have performed this operation and receive

Live Meeting Test Connection

Once completed you can use your Outlook 2003/2007 application to schedule meetings!