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  • Blog Post: Do we still need PPTP & L2TP/IPsec after Windows 7

    Hi Folks, Our team member Samir Jain has posted a nice blog on how you should decide which tunnel to use/deploy for your scenario. The details for the same are given at which tunnel to use . In this blog, I would like to understand further on a possibility of deprecating PPTP & L2TP/IPsec VPN...
  • Blog Post: Different VPN tunnel types in Windows - which one to use?

    Hello Folks, I am sure you must have experienced VPN reconnect – a new IKEv2 based VPN tunnel that is added in Windows 7 that allows automatic and seamless switchover of an active VPN connection when the underlying Internet interface (connection) changes thus maintaining application persistence...
  • Blog Post: VPN tunnel strategy - defining the connection order between various tunnel types

    Hello Customers, As I wrote in this blog, there are four types of VPN tunnel supported by Windows 7 based VPN clients. In this blog I will focus on following things: how do you configure tunnel types on the client, how to decide on the tunnel type order while establishing connection, ... ...