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  • Blog Post: How to configure Network Load Balancing (NLB) based cluster of VPN Servers

    Hello All, in this blog, I will discuss how to configure a "Network Load Balancing Cluster" of vpn servers to ensure high availability and scalability of vpn service. For information about "Network Load Balancing (NLB)" feature in "Windows Server 2008 R2" please refer the following link: http://technet...
  • Blog Post: VPN – NLB

    Network Load Balancing is intended for stateless applications that do not have long-running in-memory state. Such application treats each client request as an independent operation, and therefore it can load-balance each request independently. Stateless applications often have read-only data or data...
  • Blog Post: RRAS Performance results

    Hello Customers, A lot of you have requested directly or through the field channels about performance results of RRAS for different VPN tunnel types – specifically SSTP. I am writing this blog to share the results for the tests done internally by our test team (thanks Sai and other test team members...