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    Hello all, I thought it would be worthwhile to blog a post specifically on this topic. I've seen quite a number of people having this requirement to limit the number of VPN connections that can be made to the VPN server using a particular username to just one. And I did take this one as the example...
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    Hello everyone. I understand that all of you would be busy checking out Vista and its cool features. However, for this post I decided to write about something which is very powerful but is little known - RAS administration DLL. The post will outline the use of a RAS administration DLL and will touch...
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    Hello folks! We saw how useful a RAS administration DLL can be to admins who want to control what the RRAS server does. In this post, let us see how we can develop a RAS administration DLL using Visual Studio. I have often seen requirements from admins to control the VPN server such that only one...