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Next chapter for Response Point

Next chapter for Response Point

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This week we made some changes to the Response Point business. I am not expecting impact on current customers as we will maintain the current version of the product. We want to take a good look at the next version of Response Point and ensure it addresses the needs of Small Businesses. We are thankful for the support we have received from our partners to date. We will continue to support our current OEMs, Service Providers and resellers that are selling Response Point v1.0. We will also continue to promote the product and our partners on-line. We believe there is a plenty of room for delivering breakthrough products in the communication space and will continue to investigate the opportunity in the small business segment.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me ( , GM for Response Point). 

  • John,

    I sure wish that you would make a strong statement that version 2.0 will release as previously scheduled. Or at least that there for certain be a 2.0 version. My company has quotes outstanding at this time and without a strong statement I'm inclined to pull back those quotes and discontinue further sales.

  • What does this really mean, in non-corporate-speak?

  • Pleeeaaassse, keep your reseller base updated. There is a growing concern that Microsoft doesn't realize how important this product is to the SMB market. Enhancements to the platform are a must.

  • John,

    Frankly this is very cryptic.  Does this mean RP is finished?  RP v2 is postponed?  RP will not progress in it's current form past v1 and all further versions will require major hardware replacements?

    I ask these things as a customer who was an early adopter of something that seemed to have the backing of MS's tech & software.

    Tell me I'm not sitting on thousands of dollars of hardware to a phone system that is a dinosaur after only a year and a half.  

  • Response Point has only just been released in New Zealand via Dlink, the product is just what we have been waiting for, but we really need the assurance that version 2 is still on its way before we commit many of our clients to this already great product..

  • Your various iterations of RP 1.0 have been fantastic in their cutting edge features but overall falls slightly short of the mark for broad takeup. The features I've heard discussed for RP 2.0 could make this a market leading product amongst smaller businesses and startups globally.

    I can only suggest your team pushes through with a quick turnaround on the next version of this Response Point. Not taking this path would put at risk the huge loyalty with partners who have chosen to be early adopters and evangelists for successive generations of new Microsoft technologies.

  • Reading between the lines (as you force us to do in the name of marketing and spin) it suggests to my company that you are going to end of life this product.

  • John,

    I understand and respect the need for conservatism relating to future expenditures related to RP. Let me just say that RP is lightyears ahead of the competition and a few months to let the economy settle are not going to hurt the value prop of this product in the slightest. RP is already the best phone system in the SMB space and it is going to take years for any competitor to deliver the same value and ease of use at the same price point.

    Thanks for continueing to provide great support for your great product.

    Jeff Loucks

  • Well for those worried about MS RP and the future it is heading you might want to take a look at  We have a product that competes at every level of RP but with real PBX features and SMB pricing.  

  • News reports indicate that a good number of the Response Point team was laid off last week.  If anyone is still there, is development work happening right now or is the product just going to coast in maintenance mode.

    My SMB customers DO NOT want OCS.  Please don't go there.

  • What does this mean.  I received notification from one of my voice providers stating something to do with staff reductions at MS which will impact the SMB accelerator program.  Specifically RP.  It than goes on to vaguely state as this blog states they will continue to support version 1.0 and are evaluating the strategy for the next version of the product.  I too am sitting here with an order now undetermined whether it would be good to wait it out or place the order.  

  • I'm troubled by this news and the lack of clarity it presents.  I do understand the nature of the team's position, with the layoffs or reductions, however I myself am compelled to hold off on some large bids I have out until this is cleared up.

    What I am looking for specifically is confirmation from you (John) or another exec that this product (software) will be around for the long haul, meaning, you will not only continue to support it with maintenance and patches but you will grow it even further into a mainstream product that has all the features and qualities it needs to go up against similar systems.  I'd say it's 75% there, but the minute you slow down dev work you'll be indefinitely behind and unable to stay ahead as your competition is more and more aware of RP's ability to take significant market share.

    I guess what I'm really saying is this; the timing here is not good.  In a down economy companies like MS need to take advantage of their capital reserves and take the ground when it's left open.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for you and your team, and I will continue to sing the praises of Response Point, but more information would be appreciated for those of us who have sold this product over and under and everywhere in between.

  • I was very excited to add Response Point to my SMB product offering, rounding out the product mix of my business.  I can only add my voice to the chorus asking MS to continue to support and expand the Response Point product, and to provide guidance on this product as soon as possible.

    The business environment is uncertain enough.

  • From what I have heard from someone at microsoft, the entire response team with the exception of the GM has been laid off and there is hope that perhaps the hardware vendors will take over the deployment of the product.

  • Q: (from Sam) …we just got our demo’s from Aastra and Syspine and on the surface looks like a good product

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