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  • Blog Post: OCS 2007 R2 Edge server configuration (Part III) (Port Requirements)

    Ports and protocols used by Office Communications Servers and clients - Taken from the link Firewall Requirements for External User Access IPsec Exceptions...
  • Blog Post: OCS2007 Download list

    Office Communications Server Guide OCS 2007 Planning Guide Edge Server Deployment Guide OCS 2007: Technical Overview OCS 2007 supportability document Planning tool for OCS 2007 OCS 2007: Standard Edition Deployment Guide OCS 2007: Enterprise Edition Deployment Guide OCS 2007 Deployment...
  • Blog Post: OCS 2007 Install – Step by Step

    Test AD domain name – OCS server name - OCS-STD. I had installed the OCS in my MS lab so enclosing the step by step process in this post OCS 2007 Installation Schema Preparation On run the setup.exe application to start the installation. You’ll...
  • Blog Post: Office Communications Server 2007 Web Scheduler

    Recently I received a query from a partner on OCS 2007 Web scheduling and do we have any web based LiveMeeting Management tool. The partner was not able to get much information on Internet how to deploy it so I am posting this blog with some details on how you can manage LiveMeeting meetings through...
  • Blog Post: OCS Edge server configuration

    I have recently referred this link for the OCS edge server configuration - OCS Edge Server Configuration Topologies –( Non MS Links )
  • Blog Post: OCS 2007 R2 Consolidated Edge server configuration – Part II (Certificates and DNS records)

    We need to configure the certificates on both the Internal and External interfaces of the Edge server. To summarize on the certificates that I had used for my consolidated Edge server setup – For EDGE server External certificates Access cert :- subject name subject...
  • Blog Post: OCS 2007 R1/R2 Remote Access Configuration Guide

    I have referred this post for the edge server configuration as well as for the DNS,certificates and MOC client setup. Very helpful post with the PDF download of the configuration guide :)
  • Blog Post: Downloads on Exchange 2007/2010, OCS, MDT etc

    Interesting Downloads Exchange Server 2010 Beta This download comes as a pre-configured VHD. This download enables you evaluate Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Beta VHD for 60 days. Microsoft Directory Synchronization Tool 9.1 The Microsoft Directory Synchronization Tool 9.1 enables you to...