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  • Blog Post: OCS 2007 R2 Edge server configuration (Part III) (Port Requirements)

    Ports and protocols used by Office Communications Servers and clients - Taken from the link Firewall Requirements for External User Access IPsec Exceptions...
  • Blog Post: OCS 2007 R2 web based scheduling for LiveMeeting

    Hello all, the long awaited web based LiveMeeting scheduling tool is available now for download. I have recently configured it in my lab and it works beautifully. I am also enclosing some screenshots and process steps for people who are interested in the web-based management tool. Download Link -...
  • Blog Post: OCS Edge server configuration

    I have recently referred this link for the OCS edge server configuration - OCS Edge Server Configuration Topologies –( Non MS Links )
  • Blog Post: OCS 2007 R2 Consolidated Edge server configuration – Part II (Certificates and DNS records)

    We need to configure the certificates on both the Internal and External interfaces of the Edge server. To summarize on the certificates that I had used for my consolidated Edge server setup – For EDGE server External certificates Access cert :- subject name subject...
  • Blog Post: OCS 2007 R1/R2 Remote Access Configuration Guide

    I have referred this post for the edge server configuration as well as for the DNS,certificates and MOC client setup. Very helpful post with the PDF download of the configuration guide :)
  • Blog Post: Downloads on Exchange 2007/2010, OCS, MDT etc

    Interesting Downloads Exchange Server 2010 Beta This download comes as a pre-configured VHD. This download enables you evaluate Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Beta VHD for 60 days. Microsoft Directory Synchronization Tool 9.1 The Microsoft Directory Synchronization Tool 9.1 enables you to...