If you want to change the button on the top of your MS webcam from MSN to OCS client do the following:


Step 1. Download LiveCam 1.3+

You can down load LiveCam 1.3+ from here:



64bit of Lifecam v2.04 found here




Step 2. GPO or Registry

You can then download the GPO or app that will change your Call Button to open w/Office communicator




If you want to set this up on windows Vista then you can’t go the ADM route (ADMX files are the new type)

You can use the ADM2ADMX converter:



Or just add the following registry key:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





Step 3. Run the exe

Download the zip file (Office Communicator - Call Button Integration Support Kit.Zip) file and run OCSupportKitLifeCam.exe