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Cool New Gateway Netbook

Cool New Gateway Netbook

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Since Windows 7 RTMd, I figured I needed a new toy to play with. I run Windows Server 2008 R2 on my high end notebook, but wanted to run Windows 7 so I could get some of the great new features.

I have been researching netbooks for a few weeks and had decided that I wanted something with at least a 11” screen. I looked at all the usual suspects Acer, Lenovo, Dell, etc… and then I cam across one that struck my eye, a Gateway LT3114U netbook from BestBuy. 

(Note that if you want the Cherry Red model you can only seem to buy it online, but you can walk into a BestBuy and buy the black model….I found this out the hard way and had to wait two extra days for my machine while a coworker rubbed it in with his.)

For those who do not know, Acer bought Gateway. This netbook is a slightly redesigned version of the Acer Aspire One 11.6” model.  The Gateway version comes  with an 11.6” screen 2GB RAM, 250 GB 5400 RPM hard drive, 6 Cell battery, and Vista Basic. This version if the netbook is based on a AMD Athlon 64-bit processor for netbooks. So you can actually install a 64-bit OS.

I have been playing with the configuration and have done the following:

- swapped the 5400 RPM drive for a 7200 RPM drive

- swapped the 2GB RAM module for a 4GB RAM module (Yes it will take a 4GB module)

- swapped the Vista Basic for Windows 7 Ultimate x64

The cool and completely unexpected swap was the RAM upgrade.  The specs said it only takes a 2GB module, but I had heard rumors at work that it would support a 4GB module, so I thought I would try it.  In this configuration I get 3.75 GB of usable RAM (256 GB is for the shared video HyperMemory.

The 7200 RPM makes it run a little hotter, mainly because I took and older 100GB drive I had lying around to do the test. So one of the new generation 7200 RPM drive would probably solve that issue.

The Video performance is decent.  I can watch hulu videos as normal resolution. At full screen they are slightly jumpy.

So far I have been pretty impressed by the performance under Windows 7. I am currently running under 2GB while I wait for an additional 4GB module.

Go check one out yourself…..

  • Hy,

    I have this gateway LT 3000 series too, but mine is the red 3114u

    I would like to ask were do you found the video driver to work correct with the x1270 video card ? I try the AMD site drivers without success over the windows 7 64bit.

    And if you have any problem with multi-gesture driver over 7, i found the solution using the ID - series touchpad driver from singapure gateway site support.

    Best Regards,


  • Oops I got the model number wrong, mine is also the LT3114u Cherry Red.

    I am using the video drivers from Windows Update.

    I have not tried the Multigesture yet...

  • hi, i bought a red netbook too..  and i would like to upgrade it.  how is running with 4 gbs ?? and where i could find it?? what kind of memory runs?

    thank you :D

  • Just wondered how the upgrade went to 4Gb with the windows 7 OS.



  • I too am curious about how the upgrade went to 4 GB.  How is the performance with 64bit Win7 and 4GB on this unit?  About to take the plunge and get Win7 for it (Vista is riddled with viruses and I can't even update virus defs).  Debating Home Premium 32 or 64 bit during install.  But drivers for video, network, etc are a concern.  I have the drivers to work under Win7 ready to go but they are 32 bit.

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