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February, 2007

  • Wanted: Security Czar

    No - not for us - for Apple: Like I've always said - Apple is a good 4-5 years or more behind us when it comes to challenging themselves to " think different...
  • The great UAC debacle

    So Ollie over at Symantec has done a good job in this blog post summarizing some of the scrutiny Vista's UAC has come under recently from various security researchers:
  • Random update

    Okay so it's been a while since my last blog post - I've been stupid busy at work. I was out in Redmond for a couple of weeks hanging with my team and it's just been non-stop since I got back - but here's what's new. I got a new notebook and it...
  • The WoW starts NoW? Where's the freaking wow!?!?!

    Stupid World of Warcraft - that game has me typing 'wow' as 'WoW' and I don't even play it! Anyhoo - just a short non-technical blog (again - yes I know - I've been lame lately - still need to finish up my super duper uber DEP blog and publish it). Soooo...