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RMS: Protecting Your Assets.

The Protecting 'My' Asset Disclaimer: This is my 'un-official', 'in my spare time', 'use at your own risk', all things RMS (Rights Management Services), IRM (Information Rights Management), IPP (Information Protection Pla

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    In the world of technical support, issues seem to appear in clusters at times. I’ve just had a couple of issues where the AD RMS server licensor certificate (SLC) expired. The the olden days, as my kids call it, RMS v1 had an SLC with a two year validity. Hence it needed to be renewed every two years...
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    This is from KB 2708963 Administrators receive a security warning and an error message when they try to perform some tasks for Windows Rights Management Services 1.0 for Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 The Universal Description Discover and Integration (UDDI) service is no longer available as of May...