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RMS: Protecting Your Assets.

The Protecting 'My' Asset Disclaimer: This is my 'un-official', 'in my spare time', 'use at your own risk', all things RMS (Rights Management Services), IRM (Information Rights Management), IPP (Information Protection Pla

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    I thought (and a few other people as well) this particular subject warranted a blog post, instead of just a comment I made a while back to a poster. As a matter of best business practices, I have preached over and over again the importance of using cname records for your RMS cluster url and your SQL...
  • Blog Post: AD RMS Wiki

    I wanted to call out the AD RMS wiki that a lot of us are working on. There is some great content from a varied source of authors. I know that we are working to push good content out. I know the format of the current page is not the greatest, and we’ll be cleaning that up. However we’ve added some good...
  • Blog Post: New Wiki Content–Removing Old RMS Servers

    Out of nowhere I get three different sources asking me how to clean up old servers out of the RMS infrastructure. I was hesitant to tell folks to go poking around in the RMS configuration database. However the edits are benign enough and we all back up our databases so I put it out there. In my opinion...
  • Blog Post: RMS errors with XP IE7 and Office 2007

    Our RMS brother from Germany, Uwe, had the following RMS encounter. He wanted to share it on the blog. Recently had an interesting issue with a customer where Windows XP SP3 clients with Office 2007 SP2 were not able to create or consume RMS protected content. Some clients may receive the following error...