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RMS: Protecting Your Assets.

The Protecting 'My' Asset Disclaimer: This is my 'un-official', 'in my spare time', 'use at your own risk', all things RMS (Rights Management Services), IRM (Information Rights Management), IPP (Information Protection Pla

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    I had someone ask me how to best update the AD RMS service account password. As we started mulling over it we realized that this is more than just a domain account that we change the password in the services mmc. Some of this information may be in the AD RMS configuration database, there is a web application...
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    UPDATE (08/15/12): The new and maintained home for this information is on our wiki, here: Microsoft Rights Management Client Fix Information . With the recent Windows 8 RTM I wanted to pull together a list of IRM related fixes. These are fixes for both the client and Office. Here are some notes about...