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August, 2011 - RMS: Protecting Your Assets. - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

RMS: Protecting Your Assets.

The Protecting 'My' Asset Disclaimer: This is my 'un-official', 'in my spare time', 'use at your own risk', all things RMS (Rights Management Services), IRM (Information Rights Management), IPP (Information Protection Pla

August, 2011

  • Pushing the limit of mail recipients.

    This is an oldie, but a goodie, and we get enough calls on it to warrant a blog post. Picture the following scenario: You are sending an email with your favorite secret brownie recipie to a few friends at work. You decide to protect the email (it...
  • More RMS survival tips and tricks from the mind of "The Uwe".

    Thanks to Uwe Wizovsky, my German brother from another mother, for todays ADRMS survival tips. HiHo, Tip 1: Faster is better. I recently had a strange issue with a customer. We were seeing a performance issue (very slow response when trying to...
  • Your revocation has been revoked...sort of.

    I recently had a call regarding revocation lists. My favorite topic because I really don’t get too many calls on it, and don’t know a lot about it. What we discovered is that revocation lists on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 is actually...