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October, 2007 - RMS: Protecting Your Assets. - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

RMS: Protecting Your Assets.

The Protecting 'My' Asset Disclaimer: This is my 'un-official', 'in my spare time', 'use at your own risk', all things RMS (Rights Management Services), IRM (Information Rights Management), IPP (Information Protection Pla

October, 2007

  • For Sale: Everything you ever wanted to know about RMS

    Price: 1 Soul. :)~ Actually, I'm planning on putting together a short series of videos going through the ins and outs of RMS. I'll post them here as I get done with each series. People seem to understand alot better when they see it, rather than...
  • The DOs and DON'Ts of RMS

    DO use CNAME records for your RMS cluster URL. This will alow you to load balance, and or do disaster recovery by simply changing the A record that the CNAME record points to. DON'T use the netbios name of the machine as the cluster URL. DO make...
  • Demystifying RMS Extranet connection problems.

    I regularly get calls from customers who have set an extranet cluster URL for their RMS infrastructure, however seem to be unable to connect to that URL when opening content externally. It is important to note that the CLC file located in a users C...