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The NEW Microsoft Rights Management services Whitepaper

The NEW Microsoft Rights Management services Whitepaper

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Attached is a new 16-page whitepaper that describes the NEW Microsoft Rights Management services offerings.


Enjoy and, if you can, provide us with some feedback: either below as a post, or via the alias.



Dan, on behalf of the Rights Management team

Attachment: Microsoft Rights Management - English (July 2013).docx
  • Would be nice to have "Everyone" permissions as with classic RMS to enforce expiration.

  • Yes, We definitely plan to support Everyone permission in RMS application in the near future.


    Gagan Gulati

    Lead PM, RMS

  • Is the log reporting more robust?  The current AD-RMS model simply grab the document GUID.  Will we get full document details in the log files now?

  • The whitepaper promises I can consume protected files on devices important to me.  Does that include native PDF on Android, IPad, IPhone, etc?  Do I have to pay for a special Foxit PDF viewer or can I use my favorite?

  • Hello,

    For PDF on Android, iPad and iPhone, there are two options:

    1. You can use native PDF support, and for that you will have to utilize Foxit PDF viewer on these devices. I can get you in touch with the right people on Foxit team if you'd like.

    2. You can choose to make the PDF file a .pdf.pfile. This PFile can then be opened on any device using the new upcoming RMS applications on all platforms. The PFile container will authenticate the user, extract the PDF file out of the container and hand it over to the default PDF application on the device.


    Gagan Gulati

    Lead PM, RMS

  • Hello Mike,

    Log reporting for Azure RMS has definitely got much better. You can email to get more details and one of the team members will respond.


    Gagan Gulati

    Lead PM, RMS

  • Hi, after surfing the web for several hours, I didn't get the results I wanted, but it looks like I get to the right people :). I work for a Microsoft partner company. One of my projects is an email engine (sends corporate emails to all employees). I've been required to implement the IRM "do not forward" funcionality to some emails, and I'm stuck. The engine is done in .NET, and we are full AD capable. For sending emails I'm currently using CDO and Chilkat (for encrypted), but I could use whatever I want for IRM protected emails (ie: System.Net.Mail).

    So far I haven't found even possible what I'm looking for. We can do IRM from our (employee perspective) Outlook, but I don't find anything for doing it for my project. Can you give me some guide here?

    Thanks in advanced,


  • Hello Omar,

    As far as I know there's no APIs in .NET libraries to create a protected email. If you want to do this, you will have to understand the RPMSG format, which is a Compound file binary format and then implement it yourself.

    There's a simpler way to do a similar functionality, using what we call File API. File API allows you to protect Office documents (docx to protected docx) with a few lines of code. So what you could do is that the content you want to protect could be placed in a doc file and you can then protect the doc file using File API which is part of RMS SDK 2.1. See more details here:

    Look for the managed interop layer sample in the blog as well. If you need more information, let me know.


    Gagan Gulati

    Lead PM, RMS

  • Will using Azure AD RMS require clients consuming protected docs to change their registry settings?


        REG_SZ: FederationHomeRealm

        Value: < the federation service URI>

  • I'm glad to know this new update of RMS, have waiting so long.

    A few question: does the upcoming RMS application support AutoCAD and Solidworks format? Will the RMS applicatoin support on SharePoint? is there a document to specify the supported document format? thanks!

  • @'Registry keys for Office' -- our client app will automatically configure the Office 2010 client. For Office 2013, it's already aware of the Azure RMS service.

    @ Peng -- Thanks for the kudos. AutoCAD/SolidWorks are not supported natively at this time but we do support protecting them with the generic PFILE protection. If you are customer of both programs, I'd ask that you contact them and ask for this capability. We're happy to help them integrate it. The latest blog post covers the details (and the whitepaper has a list as well).



  • When this update will be available?

  • @Haroon: The update for Office 2010 support? We expect it to be available before end of October.



  • Thank you very much Gagan. I have implemented IRM for our sharepoint document libraries but it is supporting only microsoft document, our requirement is along with microsoft document, PDF document also be secured.

  • What is the status today, 14, Oct 2013 of  AADRM. We do not see the choice for rights management  on

    our Wave 15 E3 Office 365 Admin Center portal. Support seems a bit befuddled about RM.

    Thank You - john

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