Then download and test Internet Explorer 7 beta 2. I like it a lot, all of the features that I've been wanting for some time now and then some.

  • tabs, of course, but with a twist :
    • tab groups
    • quick tabs (a.k.a. tab preview)
  • integrated RSS support (RSS detection and subscription services)
  • security awareness :
    • fix my settings
    • address bar protection
    • security status bar (RED = BAD :))
  • security technology :
    • anti-phishing
    • cross domain barriers
    • IDN anti-spoofing
    • URL handling security
  • standards support
    • improved CSS 2.1 support
    • PNG Alpha channel (finally)

I love it, but try it here : and feel free to leave a comment.

BTW. did you know the Internet Explorer team has a blog too ? Check it out here and leave them a message :


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