I'll let the text I just sent out to the Belgian IT Pro's do the introduction work [:)]. Enjoy the blog and feel free to leave me a message.

Welcome aboard flight ms2005-9, this is your captain speaking...

I've always wanted to say this, and just having taken up the responsibility for the IT Pro Audience Marketing in Belgium and Luxembourg gave me the perfect opportunity.

Please allow me introduce myself. My name is Ritchie Houtmeyers, born in 1975 and passionate about computers and IT ever since I opened the box of my first Commodore64 back in 1989.  I'm quite sure I'm not the only one who still thinks back fondly to that little brown box.

In 1997 I started my career as a helpdesk assistant, explaining customers how the "Start" button worked in Windows 95. Next I did five years of consultancy, migrating customers to Windows NT4, suffering through NT4 SP4, Y2K projects and the first Exchange 2000 projects. In January 2002 Microsoft offered me the chance to be a technical specialist supporting the sales team.

Through the years I found there is no better source for technical information than the IT Pro community. Going from articles over newsgroups to weblogs on sites like http://www.myitforum.com, http://www.isaserver.org, and of course Microsoft TechNet.

So when the opportunity to take up the role of IT Pro Audience Manager came up at Microsoft Belgium I did not hesitate. Now I have the chance to help foster and grow the community which helped me all these years. You may always contact me at: tnbewm@microsoft.com or simply leave a post on my weblog at : Ritchie’s Technical ranting

To kick off the TechNet Belgium learning season we have a spade of upcoming events in September. You’ll find all relevant information about content and registration further in this email and of course on TechNet Belgium.

I'll conclude this editorial by drawing your attention to two events in particular : Get Ready for SQL Server 2005 with our Belgian SQL Server 2005 Roadshow tour starting soon in a city near you, and Microsoft IT Forum 2005, by far the #1 event for IT Pro’s across Europe. Remember you get a 400 EUR discount until October 7th.

Kind Regards, see you soon at one of our TechNet events.

Ritchie Houtmeyers
IT Pro Audience Manager
Microsoft Belgium