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  • Blog Post: Ten Immutable Laws Of Security (Version 2.0)

    You might have known the 10 Immutable Laws Of Security since quite a while. It is kind of the “collected non-technical wisdom” of what we see in security respeonse being it in Microsoft Security Response Center or in our Security Product Support. There is now a version 2, which is still as important...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Security Essentials free for small businesses

    I know that this is “old news” but I wanted to make sure that everybody has seen that: We will make Microsoft Security Essentials available for small business for free. Small businesses are up to 10 PCs. This is great news as a lot of small businesses do not use Anti-Malware Software and do not need...
  • Blog Post: What Teens Do Online

    From time to time I do speeches to parents here in the community with regards to online safety for the kids and the teens. Being a parent as well, I have a natural interest in this theme, knowing that I probably have better insights in some of the challenges than most other parents. Therefore I am always...