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  • Blog Post: Google Chrome and Silent Patching

    This morning I opened one of the Swiss Sunday newspapers and Google Chrome made it to the front-page with a “best practice approach” for deploying security updates. In the article itself it was claimed that Chrome is one of the best browsers with regards to security as the deploy patches silently, without...
  • Blog Post: We Need Solid and Strong Transparent Processes for the Cloud

    This morning I was reading an article called Google seeks to assure customers on cloud security practices on ComputerWeekly. I had to read this – obviously . It references a paper written by the Google Security Officer called Security Whitepaper: Google Apps Messaging and Collaboration Products...
  • Blog Post: Support and OpenSource

    I know that I am not an OpenSource expert and to be completely clear: I do not want to complain at all but I would definitely think whether I would bet my company’s business processes on it… Let me give you my story: March this year I migrated my blog from a SharePoint based solution to an OpenSource...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint External Collaboration Toolkit moved to Codeplex

    Quite a while ago I blogged about the SharePoint External Collaboration Toolkit. I just wanted to make you aware that this toolkit is now moved to Codeplex and can be found here: Roger
  • Blog Post: Mozilla Patches Fastest. NOT!

    I only believe the statistics I forged myself So, once more, there is a debate on which browser is the most secure, who fixed which vulnerabilities how fast. The Secunia Report 2008 was just published and it seems that this injects once more the fire about browser security. Out Jeff Jones just posted...
  • Blog Post: Open Source and Hackers

    The debate is probably as old as the Open Source software development model: Which one is more secure: Open Source or shared source as we at Microsoft run it? I know that we could now enter a religious debate about that, which I do not want to as I do not really believe in the value of such debate. ...
  • Blog Post: Converter from Office Binary files to OpenXML

    We are supporting a project on SourceForge to write an OpenSource translator for Office Binary files (doc, xls, ppt) to the OpenXML specification. See the initialization here . Roger