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  • Blog Post: Is Remote-Application-Removal Acceptable?

    I just read this article on Google pulling 50 applications from their Android marketplace ( Google uses remote delete to remove Android apps from smartphones – Update ). A very good decision as these apps leverage an exploit to access user data. However, what made me think is that they removed the applications...
  • Blog Post: Security in Switzerland

    I am preparing the worldwide Chief Security Advisor meeting in Seattle, which takes place soon. I am doing at in the Swiss Alps. Isn’t fall in the Alps great? That’s the power of home office Roger
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Updates

    You might have heard that we will ship an update for Windows Phone 7 soon. Yes, with some new functionality, I am waiting for as well. In the next few days we update the update mechanism to make the delivery for the next version smoother. The interesting piece is, however, the update history we publish...