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  • Blog Post: Privacy à la Dilbert

    It kind of reminds me of someone – but whom? Roger source: Dilbert website
  • Blog Post: How Spam Filters work

    Just a short one: I think I had to feed that into the requirements list for our Exchange team: Roger
  • Blog Post: Dilbert on Piracy

    Just before I leave to Johannesburg: Dilbert on Piracy… he is soooo right Roger
  • Blog Post: Vacation differently: Find new interesting places using Geocaching

    This has absolutely nothing to do with security but is a lot of fun: A few years ago, I read an article about Geocaching . Basically, this is a treasure hunt using GPS. Wikipedia describes it like that : Geocaching is similar to the 150-year-old game letterboxing , which uses clues and references to...
  • Blog Post: The Future of Cybercrime

    If you do not know this blog, it is definitely worth looking at it from time to time: Paleo-Future . There I found a prediction on cybercrime dated 1981: It describes the impact of computers in the “future” – say today. If you click on the picture, you can see the original. There is a good quote in there...
  • Blog Post: The „fun“ of travel

    Well, there are people who keep telling me that travelling is fun. Let me tell you a story (true, just happened to me today) – kind of business as usual. I am scheduled to speak at an IDC Event tomorrow in Belgrade (if you happen to be there, just come and say hello). So I was scheduled to fly from...
  • Blog Post: Spotlight – The coolest online event platform

    You know about Silverlight, don't you? We built a new Online Event platform on it. Sorry? You did NOT hear of Silverlight yet? Come on, don't tell me you missed this announcement? It is absolutely cool and if you really missed it, there you go: Sliverlight . But now let's really talk about Spotlight...
  • Blog Post: If Apple bought Twitter

    I just stumbled across this Roger
  • Blog Post: Definition of Cloud Computing

    Just found this on Love that Roger
  • Blog Post: My Blackberry Is Not Working!

    That’s absolutely great and worth spending the few minutes – enjoy: Roger
  • Blog Post: How to use a Cellphone

    :-) Roger
  • Blog Post: Bill's 1987 Prediction on 2007

    Actually I did not want to blog about this, but when I read this article, I had to. This is a quote from an article written in 1987 making people predict the future - 2007. Look at Bill's prediction and enjoy: Roger
  • Blog Post: Apple releases Keyboardless Laptop

    Wow, there are news, which we cannot cope with. Apple just announced the first laptop without keyboard : Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard and additionally the new Mac Tiny : They even talk about the Mac Nano in this video Enjoy Roger
  • Blog Post: A European Dinner :-)

    I just got this from a friend of mine: European heaven : You are invited to an official dinner. The English welcomes you, the French is cooking, the Italian is making the show and the event is organized by the German. European hell: You are invited to an official dinner. The French welcomes you, the...
  • Blog Post: Want to check your Up- and Download-Speed

    I just stumbled across a pretty cool website allowing you to measure your up- and download speed wherever you are. Additionally you can compare it with others: Roger
  • Blog Post: The Dumbest Thief of the Month

    If there would be a price for the "Dumbest Thief of the Month", this guy deserves #1: Texan tries to cash $360bn cheque Roger
  • Blog Post: This is a different blog post

    You know, normally I blog about all the different security challenges we are facing. This time it is different J (even though I have to care about physical security in the mountains) At the moment I am sitting at an altitude of about 1800m above sea level having a great time. I am taking a big break...
  • Blog Post: Another Location Challenge with Smartphones :-)

  • Blog Post: Never Leave your PC Unlocked (or have additional protection)

  • Blog Post: Onion News: The Future of Privacy – the Google Opt-Out Village

    Not really serious – just fun (or isn’t it??): Roger
  • Blog Post: Opening a File (Dilbert)

    Ever tried to open a file? Roger
  • Blog Post: Upgrading from Windows 1 to Windows 7

    You might have seen this experiment but it is absolutely astonishing. A guy called Andy from Scotland tested the upgrade path from Windows 1 through to Windows 7. 10 minutes worth investing if you want to get some nostalgic feelings: Here is the original blog post: Chain of fools : Upgrading through...
  • Blog Post: Dilbert on Cloud Computing

    The worst thing is, that there is some truth in that: At least, this is what I see often, before I talk to customers Roger
  • Blog Post: How to handle a security crisis

    Do you know that problem: You are at the beginning of a security crisis and should be able to give an official statement but PR (or whoever is responsible to draft this statement) is not ready yet – but you really, really, urgently need something? Well, there is a solution to that: http://www.crypto...
  • Blog Post: Real Physical Security

    I saw this this morning – have a great weekend: Roger