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    It really made me think… Roger
  • Blog Post: Facebook Implements Microsoft’s PhotoDNA Technology

    This is actually a great development to fight Child Porn: Facebook adopts PhotoDNA and joins Microsoft and The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to disrupt the proliferation of online child exploitation. You find the information here . Roger
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    It is kind of strange: I worked with some kids on Tuesday on online safety challenges and mainly we talked about Facebook, Netlog, Twitter etc. We had a lot of very good discussions with them about how to protect your privacy Tonight we will talk to the parent’s of these kids and do our best to educate...
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    I often hear statements that the risk of losing your identity or being a victim of fraud is much higher online than offline. From my point of view it is more about the feelings of the consumer: In the real world, we know the risks – at least we learned them over the ages from our parents and we learned...
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    I want to make you aware of the “Real Men” campaign to raise awareness about the problem of child sex slavery. If you can cope with it, listen to the press conference here: Watch live streaming video from cgi_press at This is a unique partnership between the Demi&Ashton Foundation...