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September, 2011

  • Less Spam? Another Successful Botnet Takedown!

    Our Digital Crimes Unit just took down another one: After Rustock and Waladec, now comes Kelihos. This is another great success in fighting criminals. If you want to read more: Microsoft Neutralizes Kelihos Botnet, Names Defendant in Case Roger
  • Windows 8 Timeline

    Sorry but you do not get a date (I do not have one either). I was just reading an article on with a nice representation of the Windows timeline Roger
  • Definition of Cloud Computing

    Just found this on Love that Roger
  • Lessons from Some of the Least Malware Infected Countries in the World

    Over the course of the last few years we have seen some countries having constantly low infection rates. So, our team in Trustworthy Computing started to ask the question why this is the case. The countries are Austria, Finland, Germany and Japan. I think...
  • It’s Performance Review Time

    We have our Financial Year closing in end of June. This means, it is Performance Review Time at Microsoft and it is by far not that bad. But I love Dilbert:
  • Security of Car Software

    We have seen some of the attacks recently, where people started to attack either the locks or the technology/software in the car itself controlling the chassis etc. On DarkReading I was just reading this article: Car Systems Reminiscent of Early PCs One...
  • Update on DigiNotar

    And interesting development tonight: Based on what happened with DigiNotar recently (especially with the false certificates for *, the Dutch government decided to have an official statement and in there to take over operations of the CA. The...
  • The DigiNor Story–So Far

    I just read an article on SANS: DigiNotar breach - the story so far . To be clear: This is not a Microsoft analysis nor any official statement from us. What we have to say is in the advisory: Microsoft Security Advisory (2607712) - Fraudulent Digital...