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Real Physical Security

Real Physical Security

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I saw this this morning – have a great weekend:


  • <p>Thanks, cloned: <a rel="nofollow" target="_new" href=""></a></p>

  • <p>Hello, where did you find this pic? Did you take it?</p>

  • <p>Could you please put this under Creative Commons? It&#39;s a great pic and I would like to use it in a presentation. </p>

  • <p>+1 on what Joakim Jardenberg asked.</p>

  • <p>This picture can really speak well about security!</p>

  • <p>That&#39;s particularly funny since it looks like the chain was long enough without the extra three links.</p>

  • <p>Not much difference between a Master Lock and a zip tie anyway. &nbsp;Just about the easiest lock to pick or shim there is...</p>

  • <p>They probably lost the key. &nbsp;The zipties are the opening link now!</p>

  • <p>Like everything else in the security world...the illusion of security is enough...or maybe it was a case of poor key</p>

  • <p>That&#39;s pittiful, and funny.</p> <p>Gee... what&#39;s the address so I can go take advantage??...jk....</p> <p>Wow. &nbsp;</p> <p>Can&#39;t believe when someone runs across something like that. &nbsp;</p> <p>Some people crack me up. &nbsp;Thanx to whoever it was for attempting to be secure, it made for a great photo.... you made me laugh!</p> <p>:D</p>

  • <p>No chain is stronger than its weakest link !</p>

  • <p>I might use this as a Security Awareness Poster. Caption: &quot;Don&#39;t be the ziptie&quot;</p>

  • <p>Another request for Creative commons (or other) license so I can use this ... thanks.</p>

  • <p>3 people wanting the picture for free, and not one offering to send you money. A pity but far from a surprise. </p>

  • <p>@Contrarian: Well, to be fair - it would not take much effort to reproduce.</p>

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