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Real Physical Security

Real Physical Security

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I saw this this morning – have a great weekend:


  • Thanks, cloned:

  • Hello, where did you find this pic? Did you take it?

  • Could you please put this under Creative Commons? It's a great pic and I would like to use it in a presentation.

  • +1 on what Joakim Jardenberg asked.

  • This picture can really speak well about security!

  • That's particularly funny since it looks like the chain was long enough without the extra three links.

  • Not much difference between a Master Lock and a zip tie anyway.  Just about the easiest lock to pick or shim there is...

  • They probably lost the key.  The zipties are the opening link now!

  • Like everything else in the security world...the illusion of security is enough...or maybe it was a case of poor key

  • That's pittiful, and funny.

    Gee... what's the address so I can go take advantage??...jk....


    Can't believe when someone runs across something like that.  

    Some people crack me up.  Thanx to whoever it was for attempting to be secure, it made for a great photo.... you made me laugh!


  • No chain is stronger than its weakest link !

  • I might use this as a Security Awareness Poster. Caption: "Don't be the ziptie"

  • Another request for Creative commons (or other) license so I can use this ... thanks.

  • 3 people wanting the picture for free, and not one offering to send you money. A pity but far from a surprise.

  • @Contrarian: Well, to be fair - it would not take much effort to reproduce.

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