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July, 2009

  • Vacation differently: Find new interesting places using Geocaching

    This has absolutely nothing to do with security but is a lot of fun: A few years ago, I read an article about Geocaching . Basically, this is a treasure hunt using GPS. Wikipedia describes it like that : Geocaching is similar to the 150-year-old game...
  • Windows 7 E – the new Microsoft Proposal to European Commission

    I saw a lot of chatter on blogs and Twitter about Windows 7 E (the European edition without Internet Explorer). On July 24th, we published a new proposal on that. Read our statement yourself: Microsoft Proposal to European Commission Roger
  • A few comments to yesterday’s Out of Band

    It is pretty typical – these things often happen, when I have a really bad Internet connection ;-). However, I am back home and the connection is kind of better now… I guess you have seen and heard about the two out of band updates we shipped yesterday...
  • Kaspersky’s View of a Secure Internet – Does this make sense? I think not

    A few months ago, I already had some discussions with Eugene Kaspersky during an event of the Council of Europe on Cybercrime, how to address cybercrime on the Internet. At the moment, I am at a very, very slot connection and just got, what I saw on my...
  • SANS: Recent attacks and a false sense of security

    Well, as I am not really working, just a quick one: Roger
  • Join the Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 Security Baselines Beta

    The day before yesterday we opened the Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 Security Baselines Beta and would look forward to getting your feedback and comment. So, sign up for it if you are interested: Sign-Up Now for the New Windows 7 and Internet Explorer...
  • Manage Network Access Protection at Microsoft

    As you know, I am a big fan of the concepts behind Network Access Protection as it allows to dynamically define zones on you network. We just published a whitepaper called Manage Network Access Protection at Microsoft : Network Access Protection (NAP...
  • Office 2010: The Movie

    Just some fun before I leave for vacation: BTW: Office 2010 really rocks – I am running the Technical Preview since quite a while now… Have a good summer Roger
  • Physical Security: ATMs equipped with Pepper Spray

    This is “real” hard-core security. If the ATM feels that it is tempered with, it releases pepper spray. It is kind of a “self-defense” mechanism. I just hope it never thinks that I am tempering with the machine when I just want to get money… ATMs fitted...
  • Paper on Information Warfare

    I often see a lot of discussions on Information Warfare. Today I just stumbled across a paper published by RAND called Strategic Information Warfare – A New Face of War – from my first impression definitely worth reading Roger
  • Distributed Denial of Service – and how it works

    I often get asked about Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, how it works and what role we can play to prevent them. So, let me start with the first part of it: Our Security Intelligence Report version 5 talked about the underground economy and...
  • Bitlocker To Go – Cool Stuff

    I guess you know my view to protection of USB-ports. I get often asked how you can protect your user’s from using USB-sticks. There are ways – especially in Vista – but don’t do it. Your users most probably have a good business reason, why they would...