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September, 2008

  • Renting a Botnet on eBay

    It is getting better over time: Now you can rent a Botnet on eBay to increase your hitrate on YouTube (By the way: Free shipping is included):
  • Suspended Jail for Hacking Tutorial in France

    This is pretty remarkable from my point of view: In 2005 our Forensic team together with our Investigators obtained the identification and arrest of M. Jean-Charles S. for the illegal distribution of a hacking tutorial against MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger...
  • Why you should move to IPv6 – NOW!

    Honestly, if you are not living in China it might not be that urgent but read yourself: China running out of IP addresses Roger
  • This is about processes: Google Chrome Vulnerable to Carpet Bombing

    This is the kind of stuff I hate to see – definitely within Microsoft but to a similar extent within competitors. I think we have a joint mission: Make the Internet a safer (and more trustworthy) place. There was quite some noise yesterday around Google...
  • Why I do not like e-Voting (Part 2)

    As you might know, I blogged on e-Voting recently ( Why I do not like e-Voting ) and got quite some reactions. A few here but most of them privately. Most of you seem to like e-Voting. Now, think again! Look at this article here Evaluating the Security...
  • Rent a Botnet on eBay (Part 2)

    You might have seen my recent blogpost on the botnet on eBay. They have seen it (we briefly touched base on that) and – now it's gone: Cool stuff! Roger
  • Information Accountability

    I just read a pretty interesting paper; you should have a look at. The interesting thing is – from my point of view – the paper is close to your End to End Trust paper we published in March. What I want to say with that is, that it seems that several...
  • Hacking is destroying economic growth

    As usual (and probably as most of you) I started today scanning through my mails and RSS feeds for important and urgent information. By doing that, I stumbled across an article called Hackers and Nigeria vulnerability to cyber terrorism and I started...