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February, 2008

  • Windows Server 2008 Security Guide released

    You all showed great interest in the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide Beta. Now the "real" version is here. Get it on Technet Roger
  • Securing My Infrastructure: Firewall

    Well, this is a follow-up of my last posts about how I secure my environment. If you want to read the earlier posts of the series, see at the end of this post. So, we did the Risk Assessment, now, let's look a little bit closer into my perimeter. Technically...
  • Spammers are using Out-Of-Office Messages to Spam

    It once more shows that the criminals are extremely creative in abusing features to do their business: See this article on Techworld Roger
  • Hackers crack Bitlocker – really?

    Sorry for being so late on that but I was enjoying the gorgeous weather in Switzerland and was skiing the last few days. There were claims end of last week that researchers "cracked" Bitlocker. One of the corresponding articles you can find in eWeek...
  • Dilbert on Security

    Enjoy: Roger
  • Converter from Office Binary files to OpenXML

    We are supporting a project on SourceForge to write an OpenSource translator for Office Binary files (doc, xls, ppt) to the OpenXML specification. See the initialization here . Roger
  • Office Binary Document Formats: Specification

    Last Friday we announced the availability of the Office Binary Format Specification (doc, xls, ppt) under the Open Specification Promise (OSP). From my point of view this is an additional step in our promise to support interoperability. Roger
  • TV-Interview during IDC Security event in Belgrade

    As you have seen in my post The Fun of Travel , I was in Belgrade this week. It was the opening event for a tour by IDC in Central and Eastern Europe. IDC has a series of security events across Eastern Europe and I had the honor of having a keynote there...
  • The „fun“ of travel

    Well, there are people who keep telling me that travelling is fun. Let me tell you a story (true, just happened to me today) – kind of business as usual. I am scheduled to speak at an IDC Event tomorrow in Belgrade (if you happen to be there, just come...
  • What is a „Kill-Bit“?

    We often refer the kill-bit in our Security Bulletins when it comes to ActiveX or COM-objects as a workaround. So, pretty often I get questions around the kill-bit. The Secure Windows Initiative (SWI) just started to publish a series of three posts about...
  • How critical are the Undersea Cables?

    OK, I think I need to take this up a little bit as well. Let's look into what happened over the last few days. I think up to now we ended up with five cables cut in the Middle East. So, there are a lot of theories who was actually damaging those cables...
  • EISAS – European InformationSharing and Alert System – an ENISA Feasibility Study

    ENISA just recently published a pretty interesting study with the title EISAS – European Information Sharing and Alert System . I think that it is definitely worth looking into Roger
  • Securing My Infrastructure: Risk Management

    This is a follow-up of my last post about how I secure my environment. If you want to read the start of the series, see at the end of this post but please do not expect me to keep this rhythm J . Let me start with an introduction first: After my first...
  • Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 RTMed!

    It's here now and ready to go: We just announced that we RTMed Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 (two days earlier than expected) Read more here: Press Pass: Windows...
  • Oracle’s answer with regards to Security Patches

    You probably remember my post regarding Oracle DBAs rarely install patches . It was about a study where Sentrigo claimed (after having asked 305 people) that more than 2/3 of Oracle DBAs do not install the patches provided by Oracle. Now Oracle recently...
  • Dependant on the Internet? Not me!

    I was reading this article this morning Internet failure hits two continents and was thinking about my dependence on the Internet. Well, outch: I am used to get the information I need everywhere! Always! Now! And I am used that the Internet is just here...