It is always fascinating to see an event of this size! I actually arrived in Barcelona yesterday night and yes, you might be jealous if you see the weather. But actually I will probably not have a lot of time to enjoy it - PR filled my schedule all over :-) but that is why I am here.

Here are the post in Technorati on TechEd-ITForum:

And here is the actual web site with some cool videos to start with :-)

We will really kick it off at 2:00 pm with a 90 minutes keynote with some announcements. Tomorrow morning we are holding a panel for journalists with some pretty interesting security peoples all around the company like:

  • David Burt, Microsoft Security and Access Product Management (he is moderating the panel)
  • Vinny Gullotto, General Manager of the Microsoft Malware Protection Center
  • Paul Mayfield, Program Manager for Network Access Protection
  • Josh Edwards, Technical Product Manager, Microsoft Office
  • Steve Brown, Director for Security and Access Product Management

So, I will keep you posted as the event goes on!

From sunny Barcelona, close to the beach