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September, 2007

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection - Live

    Department of Homeland Security did a simulation what could happen if a hacker gains access to crucial parts of an electrical grid. The video was marked "Official Use Only" but seems to have leaked to The Associated Press. They then made themselves a...
  • Is this the Cyberwar?

    This is a pretty difficult question to answer, isn't it? Let's just think of a few events that happened in the last few months, according to the press: December, 2006: China suspected to hack Navy site ( ) May 2007: Denial of Service Attacks...
  • Mandatory Keyloggers in Cyber Cafes

    It is pretty well-known that there is a high risk of keystroke loggers in Cyber Cafés. That they are declared mandatory in a country however is pretty tough stuff: Roger
  • Bluehat 2007 Fall Sessions

    I am in Redmond at the moment for internal meetings. We have been able to align these meetings with the Fall Session of Bluehat. I already blogged about the summer sessions and would like to give you some insights and views on the Fall sessions as well...
  • CSI Report 2007 published

    You surely know the CSI-FBI Security report. FBI now pulled off and CSI did the study themselves. If you are interested in it – it is free but you have to register: Roger
  • How to explain a Botnet

    Have you ever struggled with the need to explain what a Bot and a Botnet is? There you go. The solution is here: source: Roger
  • No, not security but ultimately cool

    Well, I was thinking about whether I actually can post about this – it has nothing to do with security but… On the other hand – there was a famous artist (René Magritte) playing with these things. I do not know, whether you know this picture: ...
  • How likely is “Cyberterrorism”?

    If I am honest: I am probably the wrong one to answer this question. I am a security guy and not a terror specialist and the last thing I want to do is add just another useless blog post saying that it is extremely likely that the terrorist will soon...
  • Security Progress at Microsoft (Interview with Scott)

    I just stumbled across this interview with Scott Charney (Corporate Vice President Trustworthy Computing) which is very interesting to read: Q&A: Microsoft no longer a 'laughingstock' of security, Charney says Roger
  • Attacks on your Reputation

    There is definitely some risk in reputation-based systems: The Threat of Reputation-Based Attacks on Securityfix from Washington Post Roger