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    I’ve been attending the annual ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference in Philadelphia this week, spending a majority of my time in the Microsoft booth.  Far and away the most frequent question I get – either directly or as a follow on to my introduction to the topic...
  • Blog Post: Exciting news in the world of (classroom) movie making!

    We’re entering an exciting launch year – not the least of which is Windows 7 – a smooth, snappy operating system I’ve been enjoying on several business and personal computers for several months. Quick sidebar: I made the mistake of loading Win7 on only one of my three children’s computers – which...
  • Blog Post: Thinking about the Learning Continuum with disrupters like H1N1

    Snow days, carpool conflicts, broken bones, learning disabilities, the flu, excessive heat, hurricanes, weapon threats, cyber-bullying, failed levies, family vacation…  Any of these factors, and many others, could mean unintended missed school days and a disruption in the learning continuum, at...