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  • Blog Post: S+S = SaaS + PaaS + IaaS + DaaS!

    One of my first blog posts over a year and half ago was entitled S+S=SaaS? which delved into the Microsoft definition of Software Plus Services and how that related to the broader industry concept of Software as a Service.  Today, that state of cloud understanding seems long outdated – both in terms...
  • Blog Post: Did you know about Office Web Apps (for Free) and how they can be used in the classroom?

    I’ve been attending the annual ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference in Philadelphia this week, spending a majority of my time in the Microsoft booth.  Far and away the most frequent question I get – either directly or as a follow on to my introduction to the topic...
  • Blog Post: “Campus to Cloud”

    This week I had the opportunity to participate in an innovative workshop sponsored by Center for Digital Education and Brocade .  The sponsors invited CIOs from a variety of higher education campuses across the country of varying sizes and affiliations, as well as education and industry experts...