Bing Is Next Gen
Bing Is Now Gellin’
Big Investment, New Game

Whatever your interpretation of the name, Microsoft’s Decision Engine is making search fun again with features like visual search, image and video search, and cash back search for shopping.  More importantly, I like promoting the features that are relevant to education, like Bing Maps for geography-based search and Reference Articles filters.

As internet usage and the search function becomes more visual, and as visualization and media invade the classroom as a learning and communication tool, one of the big draws of BING has always been the home page, where we feature a new, high resolution photograph every day of the year.  What a great way to start of the day or classroom session by exploring the wonders of our environment with hot-spot pop-ups that challenge us or our students with intriguing questions related to the picture, its content, history, background and facts.

So when I learned that Microsoft is sponsoring an Earth Day Photo contest for students with great prizes and the opportunity to have the winning photo displayed, I knew I had to blog about it.


Check out, which went live on Friday (03/05/2010) to see details on the contest, prizes and how you (teachers) can enhance the contest with classroom projects.  Good stuff!